eBooking manages the bookings of all spaces, facilities and equipment on a centralized system to reduce manual administrative effort. The school may observe the booking status of everything to ensure of the effective use of resources.

Reserve for a Flexible Amount of Time
  • Bookings can be made for a certain number of lesson hours or for any period of time
One-stop Booking Service
  • When booking a venue, the system displays the equipment availale at the venue
  • Under its full integration with iCalendar plus, users can book a venue and the required equipment while creating an event
Quick Updates on Booking Records
  • Each person can view their own booking records in the individual booking overview
  • System-generated email notification will be delivered upon the approval of booking
Easy Management of Asset Data
  • Import asset data from eIventory to eBooking under the integrated system
Flexible Configuration
  • Administrator can set up management groups and configure booking criteria
  • Can grant permission to everyone or individuals
  • Can customise the rules to allow school members to authorise others to submit the booking form so to speed up the flow
  • Under “follow up team setting”, a follow up team is formed to prepare for the booked venue in advance
Contingency Booking
  • Administrator can suspend a booking order of any individual room or object in response to emergencies, then affected individuals will receive an automatic alert