Since 2011, eClass has collaborated with different school sponsoring bodies to improve school administration efficiency. With eClass as the common foundation, member schools of the same sponsoring body can co-plan their sustainable administrative development.

School sponsoring bodies Participating schools Areas of collaboration
Yuen Long Middle School Alumni Association
  • Y.L.P.M.S.A.A. Primary School
  • Y.L.P.M.S.A.A. Tang Siu Tong Secondary School
  • Y.L.P.M.S.A.A. Ying Yip Primary School
Improving school-parent communications eClass Apps
Learning portfolio management iPortfolio
Tap-card solutions Smartcard

Canossian Daughters of Charity
  • Canossa School (Hong Kong)
  • Pui Tak Canossian Primary School
  • St. Francis’ Canossian School
Electronic finance and procurement platform eProcurement
Extra-curricular activities management system eEnrolment

Maryknoll Fathers
  • Maryknoll Fathers’ School
  • Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section)
  • Maryknoll Secondary School
Electronic finance and procurement platform eInventory
Exam analysis system eReport Card

Pok Oi Hospital
  • P.O.H. 80th Anniversary Tang Ying Hei College
  • P.O.H. Tang Pui King Memorial College
  • P.O.H. Chan Kai Memorial College
Document management Document Routing
Digital Archive
Attendance management eAttendance